Edomz is a leading pay per click management firm in online advertising degree world since 2005 in online ads and popular for PPC advertising (Pay Per Click Advertising) and CPM advertising web banners.

- Edomz has two types of AD NETWORKS for its advertisers and publishers. One is pop up publisher, CPM/CPC ad networks.

- Publishers can access "Daily Report Page" where you can track your PPC Advertising and CPM Advertising Daily Earnings, Impressions, Click through rates and Referral earnings.
Pay Per Click Management Firm

- CPM Advertising revenue and POP up Advertising revenue is calculating seperately as they maintain seperate accounts for each.

- Each website or blog should add seperately and wait for approval in order to display online ads. Pending websites and blogs will not display online ads from edomz.

- CPM Advertising ( Web Banners ) Publishers are paid on NET45 days basis via Paypal.

- Popup account publishers ( PPC advertising ) are paid on NET15 days basis via Paypal.

- For both accounts Popup online advertising degree ( Pay Per Click Advertising ) and CPM Advertising minimum payout is 10$.

- Popup Ad Networks will get you a CPM rate of 1 dollar to 5 dollars for 1000 impressions from pay per click management firm depending on the visitors country.



There are thousands of online advertising networks in the internet marketing world with huge publishers and advertisers. Every ad network has its own rules and regulations, terms and conditions to satisfy there publishers and advertisers in each level. Handling online advertising networks is became a huge challenge for agencies and firms as of last year. 

As we seen there was a huge shut of small ad networks in the year 2014. Every firm has its own strategies to prove themselves in the online marketing world. As online marketing has no limits of boundries, you can display ads globally and get customers from all over the world. We brought you here the most promising ad networks of the year 2015, which will hopefully satisfy you either in the level of advertiser or either publisher.
1. Google Adsense : There is no doubt about adsense to rank it number 1 as most promising ad networks of 2015. Every publisher has a dream to work with adsense. Adsense provides CPC(Cost Per Click) and CPM(Cost Per Mile) ad banners with a wide range of ad format sizes 300x600, 336x280, 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 120x600, 320x100, 320x50, 468x60, Link units and many more depending on your country. Adsense pays millions of dollars every month to its publishers, It has own terms and great technology to detect flase activity, once you banned you will never approve for years. Once your account approved you should take care of it. Minimum payout is 100$, Either by cheque or wire transfer.
Adsense For Blog                       Adsense For Domain

CPMFun : CPMFun ad network is one of the best CPM ad network in the industry for those who have entertainment and fun portals. As it has huge of gaming advertisers. Its easy to get approved here, In first few days you may get low cpm, After that your cpm rate may reach upto 0.80$ per 1000 impressions. CPMFun provides 30NET Payment, with a minimum payout of 100$. It has simple script tag, Statistics are live, You can track every impression you get, with the great feature Live traffic flow in it. CPMFun expected to be most promising network of 2015.

Qadabra : One of the best ad network for small publishers, With a great quality of ads similar to adsense. Qadabra has lot of advertisers all over the world. It Calculates each and every impression you get. Upto few days CPM rate is low, Once you stick to them, They will upgrade you to premium publisher where you will get great cpm rate, As they calculates each and every impression your site generated, The outcome result will wonder you with great income of few dollars per day. Its easy to get approved in Qadabra Ad Network either its blog or website. Minimum payout is 1$ with NET45 payment terms.



Dynamic oxygen D2o Ad network satisfying its clients advertisers and publishers since 2007. As every publisher or webmaster aspire for increasing revenue from his website, Dynamic oxygen brings a greatest challenge by providing targeted highest eCPM ads. D2o fetches ads based on the user searching keywords from search engines whether it is Google or yahoo or Bing. Dynamic oxygen supplying wide range of ads different from other ad networks. It allows publishers to customize their ad templates as they required.

The variety of ads are Hyperstitial Ad(Center of your screen), Anchor Ad(small banner at bottom), Sky Ad(small banner top side), Cursor Ad, Floating Ad, Layedr Ad(screen center), Message Ad (bottom right) with closing options. Few more ad types like Pop under(different window), Interstitial (SKIP button) depending on publisher requirement.

Dynamic Oxygen ad network will monetize all global traffic of your website with High eCPM. Payouts are very fast via Paypal on NET45 basis. D2O Ads are Adsense friendly. Implementaion of ad tags are easy either by plugin or by keeping ad code in <body> layout. D2o ads will not take your website space as it will display as laying banner with close option. Dynamic oxygen will take empty space for laying its banners. Statistics and reports are updated every 24 hours.


Payout Period      : NET45 terms
Minimum Payout: 50$
Payout Method    : Paypal



Valuepubmedia is a online global ad network which is based in India. Valuepubmedia is providing innovative opportunites to publishers as well as advertisers. Valuepubmedia supplies best fitting and quality ads to get you most revenue of your website or blog traffic.

- Valuepubmedia minimum payment is 5 dollars for publishers via Paypal, bank and cheque(100$). Payments are based on NET 35 terms.

- Valuepubmedia is currently approving only domains, as they do not approve sub-domains (Blogspot), If you have a blog, try sometimes they may accept.

- Statistics are real time, You can check your impressions and clicks by logging to your account. However earnings are update once a day.

- Valuepubmedia runs ad banners on your website based on CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and CPM )Cost-Per-Click) basis.

- Valuepubmedia have highest CPM fill rate which is 100%, your earnings are depends on the quality of your website traffic.

- General CPM rate for small publishers is more than 0.10$ cpm rate, which is good.


Payment Method : Paypal, Bank, Cheque (100$)
Payment Period : NET35
Minimum Payout : 5$


Day by day advertising networks are increasing in the world of online marketing, Every ad network is taking a challenge to stay in the market, few of rushed down, few will loose advertisers and publishers. Few network looses patience and close down. Here  one ad network i brought for you with different vision, As this network is not about advertising banners which will use your website space and slow down the speed of your website or blog. 
Popcash advertising network brings a popunder ads for publishers who have a blog or website with a great cpm rate you ever seen. If you think this ad network make your blog or website dirty, You are wrong this adnetwork displays only one popunder ad for one ip address in 24 hours. Popunder ad will open in different window, Which will not effect your blog or website speed, Nor it will take a space of your website.

- Approving of websites or blogs are easy, With in one day Popcash will approve your blogs and websites.

- Popcash Accepts worldwide traffic, Displays only one popunder ad for one ip address in 24 hours.

- Statistics are updating every hour, Publishers can check the statistics and ecpm rate of the ads already displayed.
- You can request your earned amount if you reach 10 dollars, and your payment is processed in 24 hours of working day.

- Adult websites are accepted, You can choose if you want to display adult ads or not once your got approval.

- Full support available for advertisers and publishers through emails and messengers.

- Popcash will pay your earned amount in Paypal, Payza and Paxum.


Minimum Payout : 10$
Payout Period    : 1 Working day.
Payment Methods: Paypal, Payza and Paxum.
Statistics     : Every Hour Update
CPM rate       : Good



CPMBUX is an online advertising network specializing in CPV (Cost-Per-View) and CPM (Cost-Per-Miles) quality ads. Cpmbux shares its more than 80% of revenue from the bidded amount with its publishers. It also providing competitive CPM rate in the online marketing of internet world. Publishers can monetize their website or blog with cpmbux ads. They are accepting worldwide traffic. Cpmbux also allows to earn small publisers with low traffic on their site. As they are providing weekly payments with a minimum of one dollar as payout. Publishers can reieve their earning through paypal by entering paypal id in cashout page of their account.

- CPMbux is not providing any banners, except one referral banner of 468x60, As this is only CPV ad network which pays you for their impressions on CPV link.

- Statistics reports of cpmbux shows you about paid impressions and valid earnings of your CPV (Cost-Per-View).

- A seperate link of Cost-Per-View will be provided to every publisher to share as you like. A minimum of 0.0002 cents will be credited for one unique visitor on your CPV link.

- An earning comission of 5% available for every publisher you refer to cpmbux.

- Weekly payments are available once you reach a minimum balance of 1 dollar.

- CPMBux will pay you for sharing their CPV link and referring people for their site.


Payment Method : PAYPAL
Payout Period : Weekly
Minimum Cashout : 1$


Lookcpm ad network is designed for the sake of small publishers and advertisers. Small Publishers who have low traffic, Now no longer need to wait for their payment as their payment request set to 2 dollars only. Now Advertisers can start advertising their ads by depositing a small amount of 5 dollars.

 Lookcpm has a variety of ad formats called places. Lookcpm ad network provides biweekly payments which will be automatic through paypal. Statistics reports are updated real time. Publishers can create places (ad tags) for as many domains as they have.

- Lookcpm has special type of ad banners called places for your website or blog, Publishers can choose the suitable banner from the available ad formats.

- Available Ad formats (Places) are 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 468x60, Headliner 950x330, Complete page 800x600, Full Page Ad, Floating Ads (Top, Bottom, Left, Right).

- Approximate rates of ad banners and sizes are displaying while creating New Place (ad tags) in publishers account.

- Lookcpm allows you to place its 4 ad tags of different formats in one page.

- Lookcpm is providing 100% of fill rate for its publishers.

- Publishers can maximise their revenue or cpm by placing ad banners on top of their web pages.

- Payments are made on NET15 days, It means your first payment of Jan will be paid on Feb 30, And after the procedure will follow to pay you every 15 days.

- Minimum payout for lookcpm is 2$, If you did not complete in first payment, It will be carry forward to next month payment.


 Lookcpm Ad Network

Minimum Payout : 2$
Payment Methods: Paypal
Payment Period : NET15
Ad types : CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and CPM (Cost-Per-Mile).



CPX 24
CPX24 is an advertising network which enables publishers to monetize their website or blog using Banner Ads, Pop up Ads and Text link Ads. CPX24 ad network pay for every ad impression they displayed on your website. 

Statistics are updated every few hours, But your exact statistics will be finalized between 48 hours to 72 hours. CPX24 ad network is approval is easy and can easily approved your blog or website. Publishers can login their account using members options.

- Cpx24 ad network have 3 different kinds of advertising, BANNER ADs or ROATATOR Page, POPUNDERs and TEXT LINK ADS.

- CPX24 will accept worldwide traffic except China and Thailand.

- CPM rate depends on your visitors traffic, CPX24 is following tier options
Tier 1 CPM is 2$, Tier 2 CPM is 1.20$, Tier 3 CPM is 0.30@ and Tier 4 CPM is 0.20$.

- CPX24 allow you to withdrawal your money with a minimum balance of 0.50$ only.

- CPX24 have a wide range of options for paying your earning money this include PAYPAL, MONEYBOOKERS, SKRILL, WEBMONEY, PAYZA, ALERTPAY, WIRE TRANSFER

- Payments are processed only weekends, Even you request for withdrawal your payment may process weekend only.

- A limited fee will be deducted from your Paypal payment, Check the payment proof image.

- You can also create advertising campaign for your website from your earning money.

Payment Method : Paypal, MoneyBookers/Skrill, Webmoney, AlertPay/Payza, Paxum and Bank Wire.
Minimum Payout : 0.50$
Payout Period : Weekends



Adonly is a advertising platform which brings publishers and advertisers together to reach international market goals. Adonly earlier known as glo ad network, recently they replaced their ad server with adonly. Adonly crossing its one billion impressions worldwide every month. Adonly (Gload network) recently got new advertising server and won  publishers heart by providing best cpm and click rate.

- Adonly currently accepting only top level and quality domains with good look and Rejecting blogspot and wordpress bloggers.

- Adonly limited three ad banners per one web page excluding center pop under 800x440 and popup.

- Adonly supports ad banners of sizes 300x250, 160x600, 728x90, 468x60, 120x600, 800x440, popup and pop under.

- Adonly (Gload network) revenue is based on visitors country, clicks and content of website. To increase your revenue you can add your banners at the top of page.

- Adonly is CPM based ad network, But it also calculate clicks and share revenue. CPM rate is about 0.15$ for one thousand impressions.

- For every publisher you referred will get 5% of income, You can get your referral link once you signup.

- No tolerance for fraud and spam impressions and clicks, Your Account may terminate and your earning revenue may be forfeited.

- Publishers can add tag on only approved websites, Ad may not appear on the unapproved sites. Approval may take 2 days.

- Adonly minimum payment is only 1$, Supporting payment methods are Paypal, Payoneer, Payza and bank transfer. Payoneer minimum withdrawl request is 20$.

Payment Details :

Payment : Paypal (1$), Payoneer (20$), Wire Transfer.
Payment Period : 7th of every month (NET30)

Support : Yes

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